Wifi Master for BlackBerry 10

1. Download WiFi Master, it’s quite easy.
2. One click to connect to free WiFi at anywhere.
3. Now you can play a hot games or watch Youtube video without trouble.

If you like WiFi Master please feel free to share it with your Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, Camera 360 and Wechat friends. WiFi Master is a messenger that brings WiFi hotspots to you, WiFi Master is your swift WiFi master.


WiFi Master Lite Hot Features:
✓ One click to connect Master an open WiFi hotspot is available
✓ No ADs, low storage volume required
✓ Satisfies users from 90 countries
✓ Auto sync Wi-Fi passwords between your multiple Android devices
✓ 1,000,000 free shared WiFi hotspots increasing everyday

WiFi Master is especially useful in public spaces like parks, coffee shops and at large gatherings like conferences where the WiFi hotspot is meant to be free open but is password protected.

After installing WiFi Master you can choose to share password of a WiFi hotspot in range which allows nearby WiFi Master users to automatically connect to that WiFi hotspot when they’re in WLAN range.

We are a free shared WiFi community, if you are satisfied with our service, the best in return is to become a WiFi master to share other WiFi Master user a new free WiFi hotspot.

Launch WiFi Master on your Android mobile phone, go to the “Connect” tab, click “WiFi Key Search” to search for available WiFi hotspot nearby. 200,000 hotspots are shared and can be connected for free.

Once an encrypted WiFi hotspot is shared by owner, a blue key icon will appear next to the hotspot listed. Blue Key Hotspots can be connected by retrieving secure encrypted password from our cloud database.

Works for all BlackBerry 10 devices: Passport, Z30, Z10, Q10, Q5