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WhatsApp Messenger – WhatsUp10 FAQs

  • WhatsUp10 Fixer didn’t fix the sending issue? Try some of these steps:
    • Please make sure you’ve followed the step by steps instruction. You must close WhatsUp10 App first using Data Monitor before doing the process. And you must have an EXTERNAL SD CARD on your phone.
    • Please do a reboot of your phone and try again.
    • Uninstall WhatsUp10 first then do the fix then install WhatsUp10 again.

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  • Cannot send media files? 
  • Update popup?
    • Please ignore for now. Wait for a new update to be announced from Nemory Studios.
  • Google Play Services issues? Stuck on backup?
    • To fix the Google Play Services and Backup issue, please don’t press “OK” button when you see the Google Services Dialog. Instead, press the back key and this will fix the problem.

Still having problems? Contact [email protected]

2,157 thoughts on “WhatsApp Messenger – WhatsUp10 FAQs

  1. Just upgraded to pro and I still can’t upload videos saved to my phone. Can u help pls?

    1. why is it not free

    2. is it even sold in rands

  2. Why

  3. Hi

    Can’t find Whatsup10 in bbworld

    Please help

  4. How can I add a group that I am a member of that doesn’t show up in my groups?

  5. Kesalahan dalam mengunduh ko bisa

  6. Where can we download WhatsUp10? Can’t see it in BBW or in BB Beta Zone. Hope it is going to be released true BBW soon.

  7. Hey Oliver!
    First things first.
    1. I think what you have accomplished is great for a one-man-band developer company.
    2. I agree that sometimes we have to rely on third party APIs when trying to get things done.
    3. I do recognize that app developing is a never ending spiral, that comprises many tasks and heavy workload in all app life-cycle stages.

    However, you may consider (and I recommend you to take actions about it)
    1. BY being one of the few still-standing developers for Blackberry, you will be observed by several reasons:
    1.a. you are by your own, accomplishing what other big buck companies has not.
    1.b. there are several stakeholders intentionally trying to harm Blackberry, and trying to influence others into that.
    1.c. you are monetizing some apps that are free for other platforms.
    1.d. there is not a clear process in Nemory to evaluate overall app quality, and also there is no visible process of bug-fix/support.
    2. Enlarge your company’s footprint. At some point, specially by having published that many apps, you will need help and there is nothing wrong about it. It will only increase your company’s reliability and eventually it will pay off.
    3. consider yourself to publish and maintain a proper NemoryStudios domain, with proper security and a proper communication strategy. There is nothing bad to be “garage-like” entrepreneurial /startup company; but also there is nothing wrong to have the basics of big corporations associated with your brand.

    Now, what I personally (strongly) request to you by being a customer of Nemory:
    1. Please make sure none of our customer data/metadata/behavior is being used for commercial purposes / profiling / advertising.
    1.a. if you are paying for an app, it is expected that the adds are removed. in-app-ads are annoying but understandable when using free versions. upgraded/plus/paid versions should never display apps. it is not a good practice to monetize from ads when customer has already paid for the app.
    1.b. please provide warranties to paid customers. If a paid customer receives the same support that a free user, then there is not much sense to pay for an app.
    2. Please enhance the app performance in terms of:
    2.a. Device Memory management. Please connect the proper dots to make the app stable, but also reliable. I have experienced app and device hangs because of Nemory Apps.
    2.b. Data usage. It is not only by the tech reports saying, but my user experience has confirmed that Nemory Apps request/sends more data that they “should” (benchmarked against other apps)
    2.c. Battery life management. Please, please review all of your code intensively, focusing on saving battery.
    3. Please contribute to Blackberry by honoring the same principles that has helped the customer base to rely on Blackberry. Please enforce the security of your apps, please avoid intellectual property rights infringement, please manage a better customer service, please improve!.

    An unsatisfied (yet sympathetic) customer.

    1. Prick!

  8. Verregs en rassisties….

  9. I am not able to find whatsup 10 in BlackBerry world. Where is it?? Please reply…

  10. Cant wait for this! keep it up!

  11. Fotos and videos don t show,i must click before it come on

  12. Please make notifications work so well and the apps work as normal whatsapp.

    Full support from me

  13. Have you thought about implementing a client for Telegram as well? It would be really great, to have a native(!) App since all the available are Android ports at the moment. Keep up the good work!

  14. Please, where can we download WhatsUp10? Thank you.

  15. Paid to upgrade to Face10 Pro, still shows Face10.
    Just sideload Android WhatsApp, send media via pc, scan tag to connect.

  16. My WhatsApp not working how can I get it working again

  17. Whatsup10 for whatsapp is not found in BlackBerry world. A payment of $2.99 already done through PayPal to Memory studio.

  18. I’m in cameroon and i dont know how i can make the payment

  19. I cant install the .apk file. Pay for it.. but cant install?

    1. Also had a problem with looping from ‘OPEN’ to download link, eventually it did download but stalls on ‘searching for backup’.

  20. WhatsUp 10 APK installs, number verified, searching for backup ‘ad infinitum’.
    WhatsApp APK from Google Play Store does the same.

  21. i can’t send a video or photo.Blackberry passport leak

    1. Whatsup cannot send media at present, use on pc.

      1. I thought your app would fix this so I paid for nothing!

  22. i did the payment of 2.99$ to Nemory Studios but cant find Whatsup10 in Blackberry World.

  23. I’m from India

  24. Hi there, I wanted to download the whatsapp 10 app and was charged $2 which I paid through PayPal account, but I have not been able to download the app. Can someone please give me a clue on what to do cause I don’t want to pay twice.

  25. Hi there, I have paid for the whatsapp 10 app and couldn’t get to download the app can someone please give me a clue on what to do cause I don’t want to pay twice.

  26. i’m unable to send pictures and videos..nor i can update the status..could you suggest please?

  27. I will pay 10$ for the version on BBOS7, BBOS5.
    Im pretty sure, i’m not alone!

  28. Hi, how do I download whatsUp10 for my Blackberry

  29. Keep initializing and processing and finally my Q10 says it cannot install the app. Help please.

  30. Keep initializing and processing and finally my Q10 says it cannot install the app. Help please.

    1. WhatApp10 and Android WhatsApp have the same problem, apk installs then stalls at ‘searching for backup’, haven’t tried it with a new SIM and number.

  31. forget it. I would never pay for a useless app like this. What the hell is the point, if you can’t upload pictures or videos. Just plain text is just not enough and doesn’t justify to charge for it. If you can’t get it to work properly, don’t charge for it. Simple as that.
    I’d rather buy the keyone and be done with it…

  32. Whatsup10 is a tremendous app. With whatsapp gone from blackberry world for sometime (though now it’s back till 31 Dec 2017) , there was a huge void in ease of communication on my blackberry Q10. I searched for available replacements for whatsapp on blackberry Q10. I found about whatsup10 app. So I thought “let’s try it”. I paid some money for it. It’s OK seeing the amount help whatsup10 provides. It functioned well. But I discovered that we can’t send pics as a message in whatsup10. I tried multiple times but not possible. So finally I contacted ( via email ) support team of whatsup10. And they replied that they know about this weakness of the app but they improve upon it in times to come. Alright, let’s see is what I thought. Today I tried giving video call to my pal over whatsup10 and yo, it happened. I spoke to my dear pal for around 10 minutes. What a clear video call it turned out to be. Whereas, on whatsapp in blackberry, video call is not possible. With amazing availability of data connection on cellphone networks, video calling is a highly helpful method to talk to a dear friend/ relative, thousands of miles away. So please go for it. Whatsapp on blackberry os does not provide video calls. Leave it, try Whatsup10. I am from India. Work in India. I am not associated with the team which made Whatsup10 app. I don’t know the people who made this app. I am only a user of this app. So there is no lie about facts contained in this post of mine. Try and you yourself will see this reality.

    1. Crap!!
      It’s just the Android version, which one can install free. Nemory are are charging a fee under false pretences.

      1. This is your comment because you have not used blackberry OS based phone and are not using it now. Since you don’t know about it adequately, please don’t comment about it.

        1. Why would I comment if I’m not using BB10?.
          I paid for Face10 and WhatsApp10, uninstalled both.
          Google ‘how to install Android apps on a BB10’.

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  34. i love it!!!! thanks nemory!!!!

  35. Why is whatsup10 not on blackberry world and I’m not able to download it

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  40. I would like to try this app

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  42. Not working in BlackBerry Z3. Can you give a solution for me?

    1. I also have that issue, you are not alone. Which OS version are you on? Mine is 10.3.1

  43. Nice and lovely, wish to be a strong member

  44. I like it
    Nice one

  45. I can’t download what’s app 10

  46. Nice one!!!

  47. I dnt understand it I already download it

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  50. I do not understand it. I have downloaded it.

  51. I dont see how it works can you assit pliz

  52. Updated whatsapp doesn’t work

  53. Hala maF am back

  54. This is my first experience using it

  55. Respectful regards,
    I had purchased whatsup10 little time ago. But due to its inability to send media like videos or pics as posts, I had to download and install whatapp (now it’s available on blackberry world and working till 31 Dec 2017). But I keep getting posts from Nemory. And I’ve read and seen that now WhatsUp10 is also capable. I have an sd card in my phone. Can I please be sent download link of WhatsUp10 again? Please help me. Thanks.

    1. I have de same problem. Waiting for a update. Thanks

  56. Gimana cara nya bisa ke buka wapsap nya

  57. Kindly advise if it require update from OS 10.3.1 to 10.3.2 or 10.3.3 for it to function in BB Z3. For now itsnt working. Any user on Z3 who used it successfully to get back to me on [email protected].

  58. Work around:
    Install WhatsApp on your pc (Windows 8 or 10) or use WhatsAppWeb for earlier OS’s.
    Via WiFi and Blackberry Blend ‘SaveAs’ media from your phone to pc.
    Open WhatsApp on pc, the smart tag must be scanned by the phone the first time used.
    Attach media and send.

  59. No

    1. Update is not working

  60. It’s te best

    1. Please, help
      how do I download it?

  61. It’s intresting

  62. How do I download watsapp on my BlackBerry Q10

  63. https://

  64. Above address, remove the space between https:// and nemorystudios

  65. Have tried but does not work

  66. I can’t download correctly in my Blackbery Q10

    1. Did you have a Blackberry World WhatsApp or another Andriod version on your Q10? I removed the previous version and solved my problem.

  67. Nothing seems to work with the apps provided by Nemory and customer service is poor. I would avoid buying apps from them

  68. How did this work?

  69. Doesn’t send pictures and videos

    1. Download the free Whatsup 10 Fixer on Blackberry World. Make sure that you have an SD card before you proceed to download. And restart the phone.

  70. I want to add with the what’s up.

  71. C’est agréable.

  72. I have to close wassap every time and repeat the process in order for it to work

  73. The day will come and go

  74. I have uploaded WhatsApp 10 is not working, I don’t know what do next pls help

  75. Free whatsapp for BBQ10

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  77. Is not working for pls can somebody help!

  78. What can I do? Whatsup 10 is not working with my blackberry Q10. Pls I need your assistant and respond

  79. I am still having problem

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  88. How can BlackBerry 10 use whasup

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  98. An Excellent. App

  99. Am just seeing fix something something someone please put me through

  100. Video call doesn’t working

  101. I don’t understand d App Hv deleted d android Whatsapp yet d App is not installing

  102. What is noun

  103. What is matter

  104. I need help Pls

  105. I help is nt working

  106. Whatapp not working

  107. Old what’s ap is not good

  108. Pls i need my Whatsapp don

  109. Bonjour j’ai un problème avec mon téléphone BlackBerry car je n’arrive pas e connecté sur Wathsap comment faire pour résoudre la problème merci????????

  110. Me na whatapp I need not a whatup

  111. How can I install new WhatsApp

  112. I can’t open my. What’s sap

  113. I need to now hw dis whtsapp 10 its all about becouse I am still confused about it please help me to undestand how it works please guyz

  114. Please I don’t really understand this application….n I don’t know how to use it on my z10

  115. I want to be using the app

  116. Will my WhatsApp be okay

  117. I love this app

  118. I did all that was asked, I still can’t share images or videos. I can receive them, but no sending. 

    BlackBerry Z30

  119. Please I need help to download this App

  120. Am still learning about this app

  121. Good to know if it works very well

  122. Am still learning about this app

  123. God is good

  124. Por favor como completo la instalación? Black berry z10

    1. This whatsup10 is not helping me I need to delete it Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: Nemory StudiosSent: Thursday 28 December 2017 21:55To: [email protected] To: Nemory StudiosSubject: [New comment] WhatsUp10 – FAQs

      a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; }

      a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; }

      /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ marianella commented: ‘Por favor como completo la instalación? Black berry z10’

  125. Am so glad to see this month

  126. How do I use this app,is not working for me

    1. This application is not work for me

  127. It isn’t working for me

  128. Not working for me

  129. This app doen’t work

  130. Not working

  131. Aun no me agarra el WhatsApp

  132. I don’t know how it works

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  135. I can’t download whtsapp10

  136. How to download whatsapp10?

  137. Good, now enjoy this discovery.

  138. Good, now enjoy this discovery. I too got into using it successfully yesterday. Now I enjoy its tremendous features.

  139. Now enjoy this discovery. I too got into using it successfully yesterday. Now I enjoy its tremendous features.

  140. Pls how can we send media files on the app? Or the app doesn’t do that? And can it send photo status pls?

  141. Like

  142. Haven’t understand dis app

  143. Hi, paid, downloaded, installed.
    The only “problem” for me is that integration in the Hub is different.
    Now it shows whatsapp messages as notifications, not messages.
    And i don’t have possibility to create a new message from the Hub, since there’s no whatsapp account.
    Is it correct?

  144. Haven’t tried it yet

  145. Tried to purchase whatsup10 pro through Pay Pal but it’s not working, pls what do I do?

  146. I have issues in downloading the app please help me out

  147. Wow ye

  148. What is the full requirements

  149. Is this workable in Nigeria. I have tried but unable to download it.
    Please assist.

  150. I paid twice the application. When you deleted where you can download again?

    The application says that you pay just Once.

  151. I paid twice the application. When you deleted where you can download again?

    The application says that you pay just Once.

  152. Whatsaap is osm…and easy

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  154. Am struggling to download whatsaap

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  164. I want to be sending files like pictures music and videos

  165. am unable to download WhatsApp

  166. Have been trying to download it but it’s not working

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  168. I can’t send audios and videos on my BlackBerry z10,what could be the prob

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  170. I can’t open the whatsup 10 in my Q10 black berry

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  173. Pls help me re download my whats app

  174. Plus help me fix my whatssap

  175. I can’t use WhatsApp on my device

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  179. Why does whatsapps 10 doesn’t work for me?

  180. Please I need help

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  182. So God blessing me for all my ambition

  183. My whatsup10 didn’t open after I installed the SD card what’s the problem

  184. Im trying to connect on this whatsfix but seemed not working since yesterday please help and explain how it work,i did follow all instructions and I deleted old whatsapp and nothing is working(bb-z3)

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    Any body tht have BlackBerry z10 Q 10……just throw it away……

  186. I like whatsaap

  187. I downloaded Whatsapp on my phone and it is not working.Please help me out.thanks

  188. I downloaded Whatsapp on my phone,and it refused to work.please help me out.thanks.

  189. My wattsup 10 not workibg

  190. So fine and so nice

  191. It’s nice but it should be free why do we have to pay for it

  192. Help me out on my WhatsUp10 because it not working

  193. Really?? The fixer does not work. I followed all these instructions. And so contacted the email address it said to if it still doesnt work….

    …and what is the reply?: a link which takes me back to here on more than one occasion.

    Either whoever is running this cant read english at all or are completely stupid.

    1. Hi, it works. Its working on my phone. Please don’t loose patience, uninstall it. Remove stupid apps from your phone like a lot many shopping apps etc. Reinstall it, restart your phone, switch on your data and try out whatsup10. I am not in whatsup10 development team. I am an ordinary user of a blackberry10 os. It works.

      1. Bro Pls fell me abt it

      2. Bro Pls fell me abt it

  194. It works, don’t loose patience. Uninstall it, switch off your phone. Restart it, uninstall all junk apps like excessive shopping apps etc. Reinstall whatsup10 and check it. Enjoy using it. All the best.

  195. Plus, I am not in whatsup10 development team. I am an ordinary blackberry10 os user. I confirm the success of whatsup10.

  196. Plus, I am not in whatsup10 development team. I am an ordinary blackberry10 os user. I confirm the success of whatsup10. 🙂

  197. Update a new whatssap


  199. How to install whattsapp 10 plzzz help

  200. That is good idea

    1. Ple sen me whatsup link file

  201. Cannot open,and doesnt working..please help this conditions

  202. Plese share to me free download whatsup 10

  203. Jalani hidup ini, dgn syukuri ada yang diberikan tuhan dgn ikhlas

  204. My Whatassp just stop working and the Whatassp 10 isn’t working either please you guys should fixed for me please

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  208. How to install whattsup10??pleaseee??i already payment for whattsup10 with my creditcard

  209. Whats app not working

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  211. Please help, it is not working to my blackberry 10. Just fix it for me

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  218. Hi,please am using BlackBerry Z30,the Whatsapp is just stop working this morning,please can you help me to fix it

  219. Whatsapp 10 is not working in my phone pls send help

  220. Why is not working for my phone

  221. myn also doesn’t work i’ve even deleted the old version but no luck…kindly assist please

  222. Can’t send photos and videos through my wahtsapp what should I do

  223. I need WHATSAPP for BlackBerry z10 please help me

  224. Can’t send photos and videos through whatsapp can you please help

  225. Need to install whatsup 10 fixer

    1. I have not just started use it

      1. I have already installed that whatsup fixer, it says the version of the application is too old, how do I install new version..

  226. Difficulty to download the app.

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    1. I need to upgrade my whatsapp but when I do it keeps on saying it’s an old version. I unistalled it then download it again but still the same

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  235. Please help me to install whatsap

  236. Please I need new version WhatsApp 10 on my BlackBerry 10

  237. I can’t get into what’s up on my phone

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  241. This thing not working

  242. I can no longer reply messages, even after the processes

  243. I still can’t reply messages

  244. I find it difficult to download whatsap10

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  246. I can’t download the latest version of whatsApp please help me ASAP

  247. Whatsapp is now saying am using old version that I should upgrade my whatsapp,please help me

  248. Cannot send messages on my whatsaap.

  249. Is this the final day,cos I tried everything but still I can’t login

  250. Need a new watsap on my BlackBerry 10s pls

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  254. My watsapp doesn’t work please help BlackBerry master

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  257. thanks for us special help am grudge with u system.

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  259. I need a new version whatsup on my BlackBerry 10 OS.please

  260. Still try it

  261. My what’s app is no longer working, I’m using BlackBerry 10s pls I need help. Please

  262. I need a new version whatsup on my BlackBerry 10 OS

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  265. I can’t access whatsapp on my BlackBerry 3 it say does not support whatsapp

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  267. Can’t access whatsApp since this morning. Trying to download another one it not working.

    Help please

  268. How can l go back to my old freand

    1. My whatsuup is not working

      1. a few years ago I bought this application and after an update I lost everything! why do I still have to pay for it?

  269. Gud morng, pls I can’ t send mesg and receive mesg on my using Blackberry Z10.pls kindly assist me.

  270. Good morning, please I can’ t send messages and receive messages on my whatssap. I use Blackberry Z10. Please kindly assist me.

    1. I need to update my whatsapp.

    2. I can’t use whatup o m phone again z10

    3. I need to update my watsapp

  271. Love it

    1. I don’t send or receive messages please help me

  272. I tryed more time without luck.this is not working at all

  273. I can’t update my whatsup

  274. I can open my whatsapp pls assist me

  275. Help me to get back on whatsapp on my blackberry

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  278. Please can help me my watsap is not working

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  280. My WhatsApp is not working

  281. This morning, and could not send nor receive messages,so messages,so deleted the old version, I downloaded it again,it telling me to do update, now it’s hard to do update,its not just working at all

  282. Useless phone,i mean blackberry nd stupid name blackberry it’s just wasting of money,fuck ur phone

  283. Whatsapp for z10

  284. Please assist me I can’t use my whatsapp I ray to download new version still not

  285. Pls help me and fix my Whatsapp because it’s not working

  286. Pls I need to update my Whatsapp

  287. My whatup is not working I’m stress

  288. Hi there, I deleted the old version of watsapp and tried to install but its not working. Please help and advise.

  289. My WhatsApp ain’t working :'(

  290. My whassap is not working

  291. I can’t download whatsup and waplog on my BlackBerry phone..kindly assist me.

  292. Anyone can help me to fix my whatsapp plz guyz

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  299. What are the usefulness of what10? I can’t use my WhatsApp application on my phone.

  300. Am crying for my Whatsupp is my favorite food

  301. I think you need Android phone

  302. I can’t used my watts up.since yesterday n today please help me

  303. This morning my whatsup was not working so I deleted and downloaded a new one only to find that it says the application is too old so looks like I can’t update. Now I tried the fixer10 thing but still doesn’t work, oh God please help. Why did u invent this phone if it’s gon end up only this useless, now what should we do with this phone? Really guys,aw

  304. Am using BlackBerry z10 I can’t receive, ND send message pls wat can I do.

  305. My what’s app is no longer working again is blackberry z10 pls help

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  307. Help I can receive whatsapp msgs but I can’t send.

  308. I can’t use what’s app on my bbz10 anylonger

  309. My whatsapp on my blackberry z10 is not working,could someone pls assist me

  310. Watsapp no longer work on my BlackBerry Passport 2 again. What should I do.

  311. Watsapp no longer working on my BlackBerry Passport 2.

  312. Please help me Whatsapp no longer work on my BlackBerry phone

  313. Whatsapp is no longer working on my BlackBerry Z3 what the hell am I supposed to do,,,mnxm this is fucked up rhaaa

  314. My whtspp is a longer working on my BlackBerry z10 n I downloaded a new bt it is is difficult to open plzzz help

  315. Whatsapp not working

  316. My whats app has stopped working pliz help out I need to up date it am using a blackberry 10

  317. No komen

  318. My what’s up not working in my BlackBerry classic

    1. Mmmm

  319. My whatsupp….its not working

  320. Pleas help me my phone is using whatsup

    1. Need ur support plz ..whats app is no more working kindly help in restoring it back for me I’m used balckberry q10

  321. Pleas help me my phone is using whatsup

  322. My Whatapp is no more working kindly help in restoring it back.for me

  323. The application is not working, need your support please

  324. Please whatsupp update for BlackBerry 10 early to early

  325. My whatsapp is not working again

  326. My BlackBerry no longer wasuping